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The Wise Way for Select Clientele To Use Someone Else's Money To Obtain:

  • Permanent life insurance

  • Possible supplemental retirement income

  • Long term care

  • Money in the event of chronic illness

  • Money in the event of critical illness

  • Money in the event of terminal illness

  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Premium Financing


Use Leveraged Funding to Benefit You

OR Your Family Upon Retirement

Premium financing alleviates the problem many successful and/or high net-worth individuals have in regards to owning permanent life insurance.  The substantial premium costs may actually reduce an individual’s present cash-flow, or even limit other investment intentions.

Premium Financing allows you to keep all of your current investments, as well as leave behind millions of dollars to your loved ones - at very low financial risk, with no or minimal out of pocket expenses, and no personal guarantee!

Premium Financing is About Putting Others’ Financial Resources to Work for You!

Many successful persons use other peoples’ money to obtain assets, and consequently, realize benefits which include cash-flow generation and tax-free income stream, equity growth, and building a business - without having to tie up their own cash to do so.  This strategy provides these individuals with greater financial flexibility and options.

Use Other People’s Money to Pay for Your Permanent Life Insurance!

With little or no out of pocket money, you are able to protect your family’s well-being and lifestyle with a very substantial policy (even one with a value in the millions).  Premium Financing enables you to use other people's money to pay for your premiums and provide you and your family with the utmost peace of mind.  Maintain your financial freedom and flexibility by not having to use your other resources to pay for your life insurance premiums.  Life insurance can provide numerous benefits to both individuals and businesses and should be part of any solid financial plan.

The Wise Way for Successful, High Net-Worth Individuals and Business Owners to Obtain Permanent Life Insurance

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