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Whatever happened to the term “Golden Years?” Plan Well Associates believes that with proper research and planning, individuals, families, and businesses owners should be able to have their hard work, sacrifice and savings adequately provide for them later in life. We are well aware of the fact that the flaws in traditional “qualified” retirement savings plans including 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Roth IRA and other, have decimated the retirement plans of countless families; many people have seen their retirement nest eggs dwindle after years sacrifice and savings. It is human nature to address our hierarchy of needs, ensuring we do what we can to provide for today’s financial concerns. Unfortunately due to lack of resources, informed research, lack of prioritization and planning, people may forego preparation for tomorrow’s financial realities, which include:

Long term care needs (the most underestimated expense during retirement)
Having available monies for chronic, critical, and/or terminal illness needs
Love ones left behind to pay the mortgage or rent
Providing survivors' income
Burial expenses
Unpaid taxes and debts
Retirement savings growth with minimal risk
Financial liquidity for emergencies
Safe and guaranteed retirement income that won’t be outlived
Protection from unknown future tax rates
College savings for the child or grandchild in your life

Our professional, state licensed insurance agents will work closely with you to tailor a plan of action based on your current financial situation, needs, goals and wants. Our crusade is to help you attain peace of mind.

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  • I wanted to ensure my daughters and grandbaby had something to build upon for retirement – and in my grandbaby's case for college, as well. I love the fact that the IUL is so flexible and actually geared to the customer. I can now honestly say that I have peace of mind when it comes to their retirement futures."Read more..

    Sarah F.Sarah F.
    New Jersey
  • I did what other colleagues did, and just continued to contribute funds in a program that kept losing money – year in and year out - sounds crazy when you stop to think about it. I wanted to find a retirement plan that I can count on for years to come, but something that can also have nice growth potential. I love" Read more..

    Lori A.Lori A.
  • I'm 31 and haven't thought about saving for retirement until now. I pride myself in really researching things before I move forward – and am glad I have done so in this regard. I know lots of people that have lost considerable sums of money with their 401(k) and every time it seems like they are finally catching"Read more..

    Chad S.Chad S.
  • Up until recently, I thought I was set with retirement planning. I have a great job and benefits. However, I continually read about state retirement shortfalls and quite frankly it scares me. I learned that the only retirement I can truly count on, is one that I self-fund – the fact that it is guaranteed and"Read more...

    Ron K.Ron K.